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Data Integration of Cloud-Based Ecosystems

Tune in to this captivating podcast episode as Head of SAP Solutions at Google Cloud, Joe Darlak, and Comerit’s Senior Director of Data & Analytics, Barry Ellis, engage in an intriguing discussion about the revolutionary potential of data integration and sharing in cloud-based ecosystems like Google Cloud, Salesforce, and SAP. Discover the game-changing Analytics Hub that unifies data from diverse sources for streamlined analysis and decision-making. Explore how cloud-sourced data can enrich existing information, empowered by machine learning algorithms, and envisage a future of bi-directional data exchange that transcends organizational boundaries while safeguarding privacy. Dive into the paradigm shift from Business Intelligence to Decision Intelligence, fueled by AI-driven conversational interfaces, promising profound insights and informed decision-making. ALL in this thought-provoking conversation that offers a glimpse into the transformative landscape of integrated data and AI, shaping the future of strategic decision-making.

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