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Eris Enterprise Joins Forces with Comerit

Comerit and Eris Enterprise formalize a strategic partnership enabling advanced enterprise analytics through our “SAP Plus” offering.  With Comerit’s extensive SAP Enterprise and Analytics experience, combined with Eris’s Data/Snowflake expertise, our Cloud Analytics practice now enables our clients to Digitally Transform and modernize their Enterprise, allowing Data Science agility to quickly make intelligent data informed decisions. 

We believe in bringing the right tools to the job. For SAP clients, this is a big deal. Our collective experience in SAP and Snowflake means we understand what parts of the SAP analytics landscape work well. It also means we have pragmatism to understand what should go into a Snowflake data platform and what is best done inside SAP. We help clients create roadmaps to transition from SAP-only into a hybrid ecosystem where organizations transform into a data informed enterprise with the agility to adapt to changing environments.

Strategic partnership with Coalesce

Comerit is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Coalesce to address our clients’ challenges of modern data warehousing.  Coalesce and its’ unique column-aware architecture provides automated metadata and column lineage to quickly visualize the entire configuration of your data warehouse. This enables a new code-first, intuitive GUI driven user experience that significantly improves on existing tools for building and maintaining complex data transformations. Together, our solution delivering configurable GUI provides speed and governance while maintaining the flexibility of templates, and an as-code approach.

About us

Your Cloud Modernization & Migration Partner

Transform your businesses in the cloud to enable a scalable, fast, and cost-effective innovation. As a service provider organization, Comerit has remarkable talent across the globe, combining impeccable expertise with deep insights.  In this age of digital transformation, we help companies manage data, build new capabilities and applications, delivering customer insights faster with highly efficient environments. We, at Comerit, aim to create a long-lasting enterprise value for organizations through our modernization practices.

About our company

Effective transformation to grow your business


After evaluating the organizational architecture, we harness the power of cloud migration to create 360° value which stands at the core of the business..


By imagining a future where Infrastructure can monitor, predict and respond to data predictions, we use the latest tools to maximize the internal capital and automate the intelligent analytics.


By accelerating the path to human ingenuity and intelligent applications, we update the apps to broaden the power of technology and expand the contentment of users.


By analyzing data at the root level, we realize that data is at the heart of an enterprise, and we make it more valuable by transforming and loading it onto the cloud.


A Unified Model

At Comerit we aim to integrate your corporate goals and vision with our solutions and capabilities. Whether you are doing a hybrid cloud migration, modernization of platforms, or leveraging intelligent data architecture, we bring the highest level perspective to enterprise transformations, ensuring a united business and technology advancement.

Our Solutions

Solutions to transform your business

Cloud services

Assessing the right cloud provider for performance, price, and security is key. We will evaluate your infrastructure for cloud suitability and cloud migration viability.

SAP Legacy

Learn the latest tools for maximizing internal capital and implementing Intelligent Augmentation to automate big data analysis and increase employee efficiency.

Data Analytics

Actionable Business Insights via Accelerated Data Ecosystems. Utilize Intelligent Analytics to deliver positive business improvements with Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science and AI within the Cloud


Cost-optimized, Scalable, Secure, Open Source, and High performance are all synonyms for Oracle. Unlock endless possibilities to make your data work for you in the most effective way.


Use the world’s leading CRM platform to optimize all your sales, service and marketing needs. Have one platform to control every data plus manage your employees and customers from anywhere and at any time.


Continuous release, deployment, monitoring, accelerated time to resolution and delivery.  Automate processes, optimize workflows, increasing reliability and scaling with reduced risk of change. 

Our services

High-impact services to grow your business


Salesforce combines your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams from anywhere with customer 360 and helps work as one team from anywhere.

Enterprise Modernization

SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA) is the next generation business suite built only for SAP HANA and fully leverages the latest in-memory and real-time capabilities.

Data Driven Modernization

The migration from legacy systems to new cloud-based business intelligence is data modernization which also includes a detailed migration plan.

Application Modernization

Making use of current technology helps in building with speed and agility to help meet your business needs. Once we understand your business requirements we develop new applications through modernization, we manage and maintain as well which covers all the stages of the application lifestyle.

Cloud Migration Modernization

Enterprises are embracing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies and this trend is only accelerating. Cloud computing infrastructure is the backbone of the delivery pipeline for data shared across the environment. ERP, CRM, Applications, Data Analytics and more become super powered when integrated via the Cloud

Why Comerit

Trusted Data Experts from Across the Globe

We, at Comerit Software have deep industry expertise that puts you in the right position using the right technology by optimizing the most critical and complex challenges. Whether it is hybrid cloud migration, modernization of top platforms, or data applied intelligence; we do all of these with utmost security. We retouch with scale, speed, and scope for better growth and improved customer relations.


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