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Salesforce combines your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams from anywhere with customer 360 and helps work as one team from anywhere. With salesforce you can focus on stabilizing your business and to keep your customers happy with all aspects of your business.

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CRM Cloud

Cloud based CRM helps you to work from anywhere, instead of installing software on hundreds or thousands of desktop computers and mobiles, you can move to a secure online environment. A cloud-based CRM helps with faster deployment, automatic software updates which helps with increased collaboration, higher scalability and reduced cost.

Sales Cloud

Sales cloud has the largest enterprise app eco system. With sales cloud you can have a more productive sales team. With forecasting tools, lead management and the ability to configure, price and quote every deal you can close more deals faster. It is the perfect customer management solution for whichever phase your company is in, flexible and scalable for businesses of any size or industry.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing cloud is a SaaS platform with different levels of functionality across the marketing domain. Its features include customer engagement in real-time, helps with email and marketing automation, real time social media engagement, listening and advertising. It also has mobile messaging and push notifications and customer marketing analytics.

Service Cloud

Service cloud is used to strengthen customer engagement, it is used to support customer interactions on any channel, engage with customers on different channels, put digital interactions in one place. automate business processes with intelligent workflows, get actionable insight into every customer interaction. With the help of AI chatbots you can drive and upsell revenue easily, Automate schedule the right person for the right jobs, access data online and offline with the field service app.

Commerce Cloud

With Commerce cloud you can collaborate, adapt quickly. You can personalize every interaction and with automated AI you can grow revenue across all channels. With marketing to sales, fulfillment, service and beyond you can unify and give a seamless experience to your customers with your choice of click or code-based tools. You can also partner with other apps and deliver augmented reality, marketplaces experience and much more.

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