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With application modernization reinvent your old software to newer computing approaches which includes newer languages, frameworks and infrastructure platforms. Making use of current technology helps in building with speed and agility to help meet your business needs. Once we understand your business requirements we develop new applications through modernization, we manage and maintain as well which covers all the stages of the application lifestyle.


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DevOps is a set of practices and tools created to maximize an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services than the traditional legacy systems. It enables organizations to help users better and have a competitive edge. It has a faster deployment in terms of updates and features, collaboration between development and operations team helps in significant improvement of quality of product, Automation, continuous delivery of software enables in fast and reliable problem-solving techniques which in turn helps with minimal cost of production.


React platform allows to improve a built application into a cross-platform, highly scalable, flexible and compatible application which brings out the best of your product helping you to have a competitive edge in this ever-evolving web and cloud market. With react you can run across multiple clouds or edge locations with enhanced security like biometric or two factor authentication.


Angular is a platform and framework for building mobile and web applications using HTML and TypeScript. With Angular you can optimize the code in such a way that it gives all the benefits of a handwritten code with the productivity of a framework. The Angular’s new Component Router also provides automatic code splitting. It helps in building features quickly, giving immediate Angular-specific help and feedback avoiding taking time to fix errors with nearly every IDE and editor giving the users an opportunity to build on the design. Angular is fast and productive using karma unit testing at every step which helps with the quality of the code.


Node is a cross platform run time environment for applications written in JavaScript. With Node you can build fast, scalable server side and client-side networking applications which is ideal for developing small size projects. Node uses event driven nature of JS to support non-blocking operations to make the platform more efficient. Node is also single threaded which means the web requests are processed and run on the same thread.

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Comerit can help accelerate your Digital Transformation and Migration to the Cloud to achieve modernization in the Digital Era. Resulting in increased agility, ability to innovate faster, easing of increased resource demands, better management of increased customer expectations and accelerated data ecosystems.

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We, at Comerit Software have deep industry expertise that puts you in the right position using the right technology by optimizing the most critical and complex challenges. Whether it is hybrid cloud migration, modernization of top platforms, or data applied intelligence; we do all of these with utmost security. We retouch with scale, speed, and scope for better growth and improved customer relations.


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