Eris Enterprise Joins Forces with Comerit

Comerit and Eris Enterprise formalize a strategic partnership enabling advanced enterprise analytics through our “SAP Plus” offering.  With Comerit’s extensive SAP Enterprise and Analytics experience, combined with Eris’s Data/Snowflake expertise, our Cloud Analytics practice now enables our clients to Digitally Transform and modernize their Enterprise, allowing Data Science agility to quickly make intelligent data informed decisions.

We believe in bringing the right tools to the job. For SAP clients, this is a big deal. Our collective experience in SAP and Snowflake means we understand what parts of the SAP analytics landscape work well. It also means we have pragmatism to understand what should go into a Snowflake data platform and what is best done inside SAP. We help clients create roadmaps to transition from SAP-only into a hybrid ecosystem where organizations transform into a data informed enterprise with the agility to adapt to changing environments.