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Transform Retail Efficiency with Google Cloud Shelf Checking AI and Cortex Framework with SAP

The problem of empty shelves for Retailers has only gotten worse, as freelance shoppers and ordering apps have upended traditional shopping patterns. In 2021 alone, the absence of products on shelves cost American retailers $82 billion in missed sales

The data you collect from your POS and ERP applications like SAP provides powerful contextual insights. By combining these two datasets, you can better understand your operations and make better decisions.

Google Cloud Cortex Framework to help accelerate data access and availability of relevant data sources like product and inventory data from SAP ERP. When combined with insights on shelf management, this creates a unified data layer that enables efficient task management, leading to increased productivity for store associates.

Google Cloud and SAP: A better together solution

Google Cloud can help retailers answer these questions and more by unifying  enterprise data sets, including expediting access to SAP data, for advanced analytics and insights.

However, working with SAP data outside of SAP systems can be a challenge. SAP data has a lot of business semantics and extracting it from its application layer into an external data cloud usually requires manual effort to bring this together.

That’s where Google Cloud Cortex Framework comes in and helps you get value from your SAP data quicker by providing reference architecture patterns for integration, and a set of predefined deployable solution accelerator content for fast data processing and modeling within BigQuery as a foundation for advanced insights and AI processing at scale.

You can deploy Cortex Data Foundation for SAP content rapidly into your Google Cloud BigQuery environment, and get a set of rich SAP context-aware data models and insights into relevant areas like products, order frequency, inventory on hand, supplier lead times and more. Cortex Framework can help to provide the data foundation for decision-making leading to effective business outcomes such as task management, workforce optimization, and replenishment.

For example, a solution like the Cortex Data Foundation for SAP, combined with POS data, and Shelf Checking AI from Google can improve store associates' productivity by assisting the store manager in managing and planning fulfillment tasks. This can result in maximizing profitability and minimizing the occurrence of both shelf-outs and stock-outs.

At Comerit we are supporting SAP customers using Google cloud solutions to better understand their business operations and make better decisions with powerful tools and solutions from our partners. The integration of business data into a comprehensive perspective offers limitless potential and outcomes.

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