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5 Reasons Why SAP Customers Should Use SAP Datasphere for a Business Data Fabric

Struggling with siloed data and fragmented insights?  SAP Datasphere can be your key to a unified data landscape and a powerful Business Data Fabric. Here are 5 compelling reasons why SAP Customers should leverage SAP Datasphere in 2024:

  1. Preserve Business Context: No more lost meaning! Datasphere ensures critical business context remains intact during data integration, eliminating the need to recreate it later. This translates to faster, more reliable decision-making.
  2. Federated Data Access & Flexibility:   Say goodbye to data replication headaches!  Datasphere lets you access data directly from various sources (SAP and non-SAP) in real-time, avoiding redundant copies and ensuring data governance.
  3. Reduced Security Configuration Effort: Reuse existing security configurations to streamline access control. Datasphere leverages existing authorizations from SAP BW, saving valuable time and resources for your IT team.
  4. Democratized Data Access: Empower your business users! Datasphere provides user-friendly tools for self-service data access, exploration, and analysis.  Both IT and business users can leverage drag-and-drop capabilities and built-in editors for data modeling.
  5. Improved Data Governance with an Enterprise-Wide Data Catalog:   Gain a clear picture of your data landscape! Datasphere's comprehensive data catalog helps users discover, understand, and trust data assets across your organization.

Beyond these 5 reasons, SAP Datasphere offers a wealth of benefits for SAP customers:

  • Reduced Storage Costs & Improved Performance
  • Leverage Existing SAP BW Investments
  • Business Content for Tailored Solutions
  • Embedded Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics
  • Openness & Integration with Leading Data Platforms

Ready to master the true potential of your data?  Explore SAP Datasphere and build a data-driven future for your organization.

Check out this success story of Messer, Gases for Life, who leveraged SAP Datasphere to achieve:

  • Unified Data Foundation
  • Minimized Data Extraction
  • Preserved Business Context
  • Self-Service Data Access & Analysis
  • Reduced Costs & Improved Efficiency

Contact us at Comerit to help you transform your data landscape with SAP Datasphere and empower your business for success.

Datasphere seamlessly integrates with your existing SAP BW investments, allowing you to migrate to the cloud while maximizing your current data infrastructure.

At Comerit we run workshops on SAP Datasphere, we can help you build a robust Business Data Fabric for your organization!

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